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About Trading

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Our concern is extending our world market share with innovative and reliable drugs, and even now the existing footholds in overseas markets are being reinforced.

We firmly believe that constant research and development will ensure the continued growth of the company. We are gearing up a strategic transformation and restructuring through the whole company to adapt ourselves to globalism with sufficient competitive power.

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As the Uruguay Round has been settled, the international trade practices are newly formed, and thus the necessity of obtaining various information rapidly has been increased.
Accordingly, we are intensifying overseas market survey, information collecting and information analysis by information Management System.
Technology and information are the key to corporate growth.
The technology and information enabled us to record a remarkable export amount.

We will make significant contributions to improving the quality of life through good medicines, and will enjoy growth after growth with activities centering on R&D, along with diversification of export markets and items.

The pharmaceutical business is changed, as contrasted with other industries, with a mission that the business save a patient from death and preserve his good health.

To fulfill the important mission, the business is characterized in that a manufacturer must have
the following three things commonly;

1) A sense of lofty mission for human life
2) A profound knowledge about medicines
3) A sense of beneficient service to the customers


Our marketing policy is to provide the customers with the best quality of medicine on time,
making more importance of human life and safety, with an aggressive marketing strategy and
an active marketing system.

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As globalism progresses, pharmaceutical markets over the world will be integrated into one global market.

We think the competition in the global market will be undoubtedly unique. We live in such a whirlpool of change.

Our vision is to strengthen our competitive power to become a leader in the keen
competition based on R&D and public confidence in KUKJE.